Review: Cololight MIX - Cololight

Review: Cololight MIX

I received the Cololight MIX to test out these new ambient lights together with some of my figurines. After spending some time with it, I must admit I’m pretty impressed with these small yet powerful lights. Want to learn more? Let’s jump in!

What’s in the box?

The Cololight Mix lights are modular, meaning you can hook up several lights to each other in order to create the perfect layout for your set-up. I received the three-pack to experiment with and had a lot of fun with it. In the box, I found Three Cololight Mix Light Panels, Four Connecting plates, Six 3M Adhesive Tape, and a 24 volt 3A power adapter. If you buy the three-pack in stores, you’ll often get a USB Type-C charging cable instead of the adapter but that’s nothing to worry about. Reading through the manual, I noticed the adapter is truly necessary when you’re connecting several lights all at once. If you want to use only one, you’re perfectly safe with the USB charger and rechargeable battery. Straight out of the box, it’s clear the Cololight MIX is designed to be fun and extremely intuitive so, in just mere seconds, I had my three lights all working.

Connecting one light panel to my power source with the power adapter is easy since it’s all pretty straightforward to connect, after you connect the first one, you can attach the other lights using the connecting plates. These small plates are easy to use and thanks to its arrow-like design on top, you’ll always know in which direction you’ll need to connect the other panels. Connecting my other panels to the first one was a bit like magic since they directly started to light up the moment I connected them. It’s all so intuitive and fun that I had a blast finding out my favorite layout while experimenting.

Small light, endless possibilities

So after I got the lights to work, I was immediately impressed by the power of the lights themselves. The panels run on a Dual Core Processor that supports up to 16 million colors, resulting in a flawless rendering of the 37 independent programmed light beads. Each panel has access to these 37 little light beads and with the help of the app, you can program the way you want so you’ll always have the perfect type of light for the job you want. The freedom you get with the app is unparalleled and gives you countless customization options. Although it’s impressive to mess around with, I must say I was as impressed with the standard patterns as well.

The Cololight Mix comes packed with a couple of pre-programmed settings, which can easily be activated and navigated through using the button on the base of the panel. With a push of the button, you go through the options and jump from one preset to another. All the preset lights really shine bright and I love the way the colors flow into each other, giving you that true ambient RGB feeling. Although they are created to hang in the background of your setup, I actually love them in combination with some of my figurines (amiibo in particular).

Bring your figurines to life

As you might have guessed based on the photographs in this article, I think the best way to use the Cololight Mix panels is to bring some of your figurines to life. Since the panels are pretty big, you can easily put one of your small to medium-sized figurines on top of the base to let them come to life with the gorgeous light underneath them. For me, this offered the perfect solution to create better and more dynamic pictures to use on our Instagram channel. It’s perhaps not the most common way of using the Cololight MIX but it’s good to know the option is there. It’s as easy as hanging them behind your setup and thanks to the added freedom you get while using the app, I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun experimenting with the lights, especially if you use them to spice up your photography game.


The Cololight MIX is a fun product that gives you a tremendous amount of freedom to come up with the perfect layout for your setup. The lights are extremely easy to use and to connect, so you’ll have the perfect result in just seconds after you took them out of the box. On top of that, these lights are also the perfect size to spice up your product photography if you’re using them as background lights. If you’re looking for easy-to-use yet powerful modular lights, this is the one you’ll need to have!

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