About Us

Where do you find your ambient light? In this big world, everyone is a scattered small universe, accumulating energy in this fast-changing era. No matter who you are, no matter what kind of work you are engaged in, no matter if you are a gamer or a corporate employer, a trend buyer or an IT engineer, whether you are in the day or night, just turn on the Cololight at hand—your, mine, his, the dots from different coordinates, are all sending signals to the Cololight space station.

YES! This is the Cololight Community.

Your love and creativity are illuminated at this moment!

Brand Conception

Cololight focuses on the aesthetics of light and shadow, integrating beauty with technology. We encourage everyone to chase what they love and make their own creative space with lights; we break the rules and the immutable, to bring users a more attractive smart lighting experience.

  • Lights For Your Soul: Cololight is psychologically close to the younger generation. We want lights and technology to heal the soul and elevate your me-time. Life needs some color, and Cololight colors your life.

  • Be what you love: Cololight helps you to create an immersive atmosphere and a space you love. Let your hobby become the protagonist of life. Cololight, love your passion.

  • Suitable for multiple scenes: Cololight decorates gaming rooms, daily desktops, parties, and more. Our lights provide inspiration for audio-visual hobby groups and allow all kinds of cross-border mix and match.

Customer Profile

Cololight users are willing to explore and invest, passionate about cool things, and carry unique labels. They refuse to be bored, keep their curiosity, and love creating their own space.

What Makes Cololight Uinque

Maximal Customization

We like to think of our products as puzzle games in the lighting industry. Users can not only assemble and disassemble the light blocks, but also edit the color of each light bead through the Cololight app—Cololight gives you a full creative space to satisfy all your fantasies about lighting.

Our full range of products support music-syncing function, which shows a gradual dynamic sound-sensitive effect.

Smooth Lighitng Effect

The R&D team spends more than 10,000 hours creating the smooth lighting effect of the light block, only to satisfy those picky eyes and provide the most advanced visual enjoyment. Each light bead supports 16 million RGB colors, making the lighting colors more delicate. A variety of complex and exquisite app built-in lighting effects allow beginners to enjoy the atmosphere brought by colors, triggering your light and shadow universe with one click.

Outstanding Appearance

The product design is rich in details. The mechanical structure on the back of Cololight HEXA and MIX together with mechanical connectors create better assembly experience; each bead of STRIP is protected by glue, making it more durable and refined.

Cololight products are of high-quality texture. We select the material very carefully—PC/ABS material has stronger impact resistance.

Our Products


The inspiration for the latest generation of product—Cololight MIX—comes from the stage. We want to create a stage for your passion. Whether it is a hand-made model or a small corner of a desk, it may be a small stage you want to light up, and MIX is the best lighting. A variety of power supply methods make MIX an atmosphere maker wherever you go.


MIX is a testament to our persistent pursuit of lighting effects. Different from the 19 light beads of HEXA, the MIX light block integrates 37 editable lamp beads. The arrangement of the beads has been tested over and over again, so that the rotating lighting effect gives the best performance.

Social Responsibility

Energy savings facts:

The maximum power consumption of HEXA single light is 5W, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

All Cololight products have WEEE certification (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), and the light strips have passed the EU ERP certification (Energy-Related Products).

* WEEE certification proves that the recycling rate of the product meets the requirements. ERP mainly considers the life, light, color and electrical parameters of lighting products.


Each Cololight product boasts an average lifespan of 30,000 hours to provide extended use and eliminate product wastage.

Manufacturing Process:

All of our products pass strict certifications like the RoHS (Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances).

Packaging Materials:

All outer boxes are 100% recyclable and fully biodegradable.