Cololight RGB MIX Light Pro Extension

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Type: Gaming
This MIX Extension Light Panel works when connecting to a Cololight MIX RGB gaming light. It has built-in magnetic connections that help you build your shape of light.
  • Flawless RGB color effects.
  • Transform music into dynamic symphonies of color and light.
  • Maximum light effect customization with individual bead control.
  • Group Control with Cololight Products.
  • Mounted with Magnets.
  • Winner of CES 2021 Innovation Award.
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, StreamDeck, and Cololight App.

NOTE: This product cannot be used directly, it must be used with the MIX Pro

Flawless Color Effects

Adual-core processor gives a x boost in performance

Powerful chips and detailed design support complex lighting effects in a smooth & exquisite way


Every single product supported by 37 independent light beads

16million rgb colors

To create perfect ambience for every mood

Each bead is fully customizable and controlled by a standalone chip that persent precise yet fabulous color rendering at as small as bead level.


Cololight dances to your music with the built-in acoustic pick-up.

Dynamic lighting brings great ambience and you can always match the music & lighting to your mood


Carry out group control/ remote control through cololight app create ideal. Ambience for your indoor aotivities. You can group multiple light blocks in the same room or in separate rooms. Sending them all the same command with a single touch.

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