Cololight Desktop

Device Supported: Pro/Plus/Strip/Mix/Triangle

V2.0.11|Win 10/ Win 11

Sync Lighting Effect

Screen Mirror

Sync Cololight lights with dynamic visuals, instantly responding to your screen. Watch dominant screen colors seamlessly blend, immersing you in a deeper gaming experience.

Cololight X Razer Chroma

Razer Chroma Connect Integration

Synchronize captivating color effects across your Cololight and Razer devices as your game! Select from flowing color animations, ambient screen mirroring, or real-time reactions to in-game events.

Cololight Control

Personalized control for multiple devices

Enjoy the same versatility as the mobile app, now even more efficient on a larger screen. Unleash your creativity by crafting and discovering new scenes, all while managing your devices effortlessly.