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Cololight Pro Review: Core Light with Extensions

Are you looking for a way to embellish and decorate your TV or PC station? Maybe with a colored furnishing lamp with some smart features? Well, today we will talk about a very interesting kit, winner of the Innovation Awards in 2019 at CES.Cololight Pro hexagons with extensions are a fascinating product, easy to install and capable of interacting with music as well.Cololight focuses on the aesthetics of light and shadow, integrating beauty with technology.Through the use of these panels, the company wants not only to decorate our homes, but also to make us feel emotions.Yes, because,being modular, it is possible to create precise shapes, of a favorite character, of a fruit or of something that we like.They can also be arranged in a zig zag, circle or in any case geometric figures.As for the visual effect, however,the application is full of interesting scenic effects.


We used a starter kit + nine expansions. The starter kit in the pro version includes a very heavy stone base , 6 light panels , 6 connectors to power each panel in series with each other, a Cololight Pro controller and 4 fixings , identical to the connectors of the feeding, but shorter. Also included is an additional USB power cable which is used to expand the basic kit. The fasteners are used only to join the panels together, to offer greater solidity to the structure; they do not transmit power signals or light effects. In addition to this starter kit, we have enlarged the lamp with other expansions and within these packages we find only the panel and a power connector . There is no transformer to connect to the power cable. A real shame given the quality of the panels, both construction and operation.

Cololight Pro hex design

Aesthetics represent the strong point of this product. It varies according to the arrangement of the panels . The most disparate shapes can be created . In our case we wanted to fill an area without any aesthetics. In addition to creating a good atmosphere while watching TV, the stone base with the colored hexagons are a touch of elegant class of furniture. The material used for the panels is plastic , with everything needed for lighting inside. On each side of the panel there are connectors for the fixers and only in one is the connector for the power supply. They can be connected in cascade , so as to have a continuous flow of colors, or two by two, so there will be panels that will change color at the same time. In both cases the flow starts from the controller, which manages everything.

Technical specifications

The Cololight MIX comes in a variety of starter kits, with the most affordable edition consisting of 3 Cololight Mix Light Panels and all-important Connections, which is what I began testing the system out with.

Operating temperature : -5 ~ 45 ° C

Power supply : DC 5V 2A

Power consumption : 0.3W idle, Max < 5W

Interface : USB-A

Control mode : Touch button / APP / Voice / Music sync

Extendable Stream Deck : Yes, with separately purchased panels

Maximum Link Extension Light : Each controller can support up to 255 light panels. Each 10 light panels require 1 extra power cable (supplied)

Protocol : 2.4GHz WiFi

Panel materials : ABS + PC

Base material : Stone

LED quantity : 19

Available colors : 16 million

Color rendering index : ≥80

Overall life : up to 30,000 hours

Compatibility : Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant

Dimensions and weight:

Luminous panel : 86 * 74.5 * 30.5 mm / 52,5gr

Controller PRO : 73.1 * 45 * 8.9 mm / 30g

Connector : 23.1 * 17.5 * 9 mm / 2.6gr

Fixer : 16.5 * 17.5 * 9mm / 2gr

Stone base : 86 * 86 * 61mm / 550gr

Each panel is equipped with 19 LEDs , dimmable . They are therefore capable of creating soft or very intense light. Furthermore, each of these LEDs is programmable , so it will be managed independently, independently from the others. This is to create lighting effects on each individual panel. In fact, on the application there are many sliding effects on a single panel, which perform circular and colored movements. It is not the classic single-color panel that turns on and off or increases and decreases the light intensity. The interesting feature is that a single base , every single controller, can extend up to 255 panels . An immense structure, capable of covering a large portion of the wall. Also a microphone is integratedwithin the Cololight Pro hexagons; while we listen to the music, the lamp will move in time and the movement sensitivity is also adjustable from the application. For example, if the volume is low, raising the sensitivity will make more lights move (the best effect in our opinion).

Smart functionality of Cololight Pro hexagons

Full compatibility with Alexa and Google Home through the dedicated Cololight app. The first time it is turned on it will ask you to install the hexagons and to do this, you will need to press and hold the touch button on the controller for a few seconds. Once this is done, you can use the lamp to its full function. We will have dynamic effects , static colors and custom effects , with the possibility of choosing pre-sets created by cololight itself . For the latter it will be necessary to have a minimum number of panelsand above all to adjust them according to a specific structure. This is because many times they are static, color effects to represent images. We will find Spider-Man , Pumpkins, Christmas Hats and more. You can also create your own effects, to your liking. Connecting it to Google Home was very simple and now we can also control the lamp with our own voice. Also present the installation instructions accessible through settings.


A high-level modular lamp that offers absolute versatility . In fact, it can be managed via a button, via the app, via voice assistants, via music (with microphone) and stream deck . A variety of colors and infinite possibilities . Especially for the specific figures achievable . You also don't need to buy starter kits every time you want to expand the set. Each can manage up to 255. The maximum brightness is excellent, even during the day, over 50% it is very difficult to set it. It is a furnishing lamp, therefore perfect as a low-intensity background. The individual LEDs can be managed independently so as to have wonderful effects even with a few panels. A light that calms the soul and establishes a personalized mood of your choice. The stone base weighs more than half a kilo, offering absolute stability . Too bad for the absence of the power adapter. You need to get one separately. Children will be very happy to be able to sing and move in time as the lamp does. Perfectly in time with the music, with no visible delays .

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