Add Devices

Add an Alexa Speaker

· Sign in the Amazon Alexa app

(follow the instructions to add the Alexa into the app and set the Internet for it)

NOTE: Country or region of the Amazon account should be one of the five: Canada, Gemany, Japan, UK, USA, Otherwise Alexa may fail to learn LifeSmart skills.

Add a Cololight

· Login LifeSmart account on Colorlight app, follow the steps on the app to pair the light.

Authorize LifeSmart APP to Alexa

· Tap 'Skill & Games' in the Alexa app menu and search for 'LifeSmart', then click the skill


· in the next page input you LifeSmart account and password, tap 'Login' then authorize it. After authorization, close the window by clicking the 'x' on the top right corner


· Yit will take around 45s and all devices in the LifeSmart account will sync to Alexa automatically.

Enjoy the smart control with Alexa


· You can either check the device status or switch ON/OFF on Amazon Alexa app or just speak to the Alexa.

e.g. Alexa, change Cololight brightness to 50%.

       Alexa, change Cololight to red.