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Cololight Launches 2021 CES Winner Product Cololight MIX

Cololight, China’s leading smart IoT game and home lighting products company, recently launched the next-generation desktop lighting product: Cololight MIX.

As the winner of the 2021 CES Innovation Award, Cololight MIX is equipped with a 2-core processor that makes it 3 times faster and smoother during the lighting effect transforms compared to other lighting products in the market. Not to mention the 37 build-in LED lamps that are controlled individually by a self-developed lighting change algorithm, it would be the first-time customer could experience such a flawless flow of up to 16 million RGB colors on their desk or walls.

For game and music lovers, Cololight MIX is a must-have product for your home. The built-in AI chip will automatically analyze the music and game audio and perform different dynamic lighting effects that rhyme with the sound to build your personalized luminous environments. Cololight MIX is highly customizable. Also, multiple MIX lights can be spliced together into different shapes with small connectors and the color effects would still be united and harmonized.

Cololight MIX also has a wide range of integration including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cololight App, etc. Simply switch between different light effects, set a timer control, adjust the brightness via all the integration through a touch on the screen or even voice control. Imagine after a long day of exhausting work, turning a regular, boring Incandescent-lamp room into a cool, relaxing, and miraculous game room or movie room with one simple command like “Alexa, turn to game mode.” It’s time to put all anxiety away and enjoy the magic world.

Within the past 10 years, Cololight has been dedicated to integrating AI into home IoT products and developing better smart home lighting products for its customers. Besides MIX, Cololight also has a great product design on its lighting strip and hexagon (quantum) lights and has received overwhelming loving feedbacks from their customers.

Cololight released multiple lighting effect display videos and assembly tutorials on their Facebook Page (

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