With Apple Homekit

Upgrade Your Smart Home Experience

With the Google Home app, control all your Cololight LED products. Use voice commands or Routines to schedule and manage multiple lights. Connect to 2.4G Wi-Fi and manage the light panels from anywhere. Cololight smart color-changing lights work with Google Assistant, creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Ok Google

Light Up Your Home with Voice Commands

Say “Ok Google” or "Hey Google" to get started.

"Turn on/off [Cololight product name]"

"Set [Cololight product name] to [color/brightness]"

"Change [Cololight product name] to [color]"

"Dim/brighten [Cololight product name],"

Add Devices

Add a Google Speaker

· Click '+' on top left of the Google Home app

· Tap set up device

· Select New devices

· Follow the steps to search the speaker neerby

Add Devices

Add a Cololight

· Login LifeSmart account on Cololight app

· follow the steps on the app to pair the light to the account

Add Devices

Enjoy the smart control with Google

· You can either check the device status or switch ON/OFF on Google Home app, or just speak to Google Home.

e.g. Hey Google, change Cololight brightness to 50%.

Hey Google, change Cololight to red.