Add Devices

Add a Google Speaker

· Click '+' on top left of the Google Home app

· Tap set up device

· Select New devices

· Follow the steps to search the speaker neerby

Add a Cololight

· Login LifeSmart account on Cololight app

· follow the steps on the app to pair the light to the account

Authorize LifeSmart APP to Google

Log - in your account in LifeSmart app

· Click '+' on top left of the Google Home app

· tap 'Set up device'

· select 'Works with Google', in the next page input LifeSmart and search

· Click 'Agree and link', wait about 10s the authorization will finish, Google Home will automatically link to the LifeSmart account that currently logged in.

· Select the Cololight, select a home and location for the light accourding to the app, then the Cololight is synchronized to Google Home successfully.

Enjoy the smart control with Google

· You can either check the device status or switch ON/OFF on Google Home app, or just speak to Google Home.

e.g. Hey Google, change Cololight brightness to 50%.

Hey Google, change Cololight to red.