COLO PLAY Privacy Policy

COLO PLAY Desktop is a configuration and management application offered by HANGZHOU LIFESMART TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "We").
We attach great importance to protecting user privacy. We will abide by the following principles and do our best to protect the safety and reliability of information: the principle of consistent right and responsibility, choice consent principle, minimum sufficient principle, the principle of ensuring security principle, subject participation principle, openness and transparency principle, etc. We promise that we will take the corresponding security protection measures to protect your information in accordance with the legal requirements and the mature security standards in the industry.
This Privacy Policy specifies how we collect, use, process, disclose, and store the information you provide to us when using COLO PLAY Desktop. You have the right to refuse such information, which we fully respect, but if the information provided may be necessary for you to use a feature, you may reauthorize permission to use it.
Please read and understand this "Privacy Policy" carefully before using our products (or services). If you have any questions as described in our privacy policy, please contact us via
1. Information Collection and Usage
1.1 Google Account Authorization
When using the YouTube live streaming feature in COLO PLAY Desktop, we may request linking your Google account to complete the authorization process. During this process, certain account information may be collected, including but not limited to your Google account username, authorization token, etc., solely for the proper functioning of the YouTube live streaming feature. For more details, please refer to Google Privacy Policy.
Usage of YouTube Terms: By using the COLO PLAY Desktop application and its API client, you understand and agree that you will be bound by YouTube's Terms of Service. We recommend that you read and understand YouTube's Terms of Service before you start using our services.
We use APIs to ensure and provide the best integration possible on various platforms. For details, please refer to the following: YouTube Terms of Use Google Security Google Privacy Policy
Local Storage: It's important to note that any account information collected during Google Account Authorization is stored locally on your device. COLO PLAY Desktop does not transmit or store this data externally. We prioritize your privacy and ensure that sensitive account details are kept securely within the confines of your device, providing an added layer of protection.
This local storage approach aims to reinforce our commitment to user privacy and emphasizes that your account information remains under your control within the confines of COLO PLAY Desktop, enhancing the overall security of your data.
1.2 Desktop Application Usage Information
To enhance the user experience and functionality of COLO PLAY Desktop, we may collect usage information about the desktop application, including app name, version, access time, device model, etc. This information will be used for evaluating service quality, conducting internal data analysis and research, and continually optimizing and improving our products.
1.3 Performance Metrics Collection:
The application collects local performance indicators, including but not limited to GPU, CPU, FPS, RAM and network data, and displays them on the dashboard feature.The application collects and stores these performance metrics locally for a personalized dashboard experience. Please note that this data is only accessible within the application and will not be shared externally unless you explicitly choose to share it with our technical support team for troubleshooting purposes.
1.4 Information Collection and Technology Usage
We may use cookies or similar technologies to enhance your user experience and collect information about how you use COLO PLAY Desktop. These technologies help us understand your preferences and provide personalized content and services. Additionally, we may store, access, or collect information, or allow third parties to do so on our behalf, to provide, protect, and improve our services.
The information we collect may include but is not limited to:
  • Device model and operating system version
  • Application access times
  • Usage data, such as click behavior
  • Network information, such as IP address and MAC address (only used to support specific features like Wake-on-LAN)
Please note that we do not sell your personal information to any third party. We may share information with trusted partners and third-party service providers to deliver and improve our services, provided that these third parties also have strict privacy policies and data protection measures in place.
2. Permission Instructions
2.1 Necessary Permissions
  • Performance Metrics Collection: The application requires mandatory access to local performance metrics, including GPU, CPU, FPS, and network data, for the essential functionality of the dashboard feature.By using this application, you consent to the automatic collection and storage of performance metrics. This data is crucial for ensuring the proper operation of the dashboard feature and cannot be disabled.
  • Mac Address Collection: The application requires access to network-related information, including MAC addresses, to facilitate the Wake-on-LAN (WoL) functionality for PC Switch. WoL is an essential feature for remotely powering on computers within the local network. By downloading and using this application, you provide consent for the collection and usage of MAC addresses for the purpose of WoL functionality. This information is crucial for enabling seamless and efficient PC Switch operations. Our data is completely stored locally and not on the server, including MAC addresses, and ensures that it is only used for the intended purpose of the WoL function.
2.2 Optional Permissions
  • Google Account authorization: required to complete the authorization of YouTube Live. When using the Live Saiyan app, you will be prompted to grant this permission during the account binding process.
  • Network permission: Applicable to PC switch, clock, COLO PLAY version detection, application download, you need to select whether to enable this permission.
  • Microphone Permission: The collected sound data is used specifically to generate animation effects. Voice data is not stored locally and is not transmitted to any remote server.If you do not provide this information, some applications may not work.
  • File access permissions: Used to access and display user uploaded screensavers, and also used in the launch program in the keypad feature. When you start the screensaver upload process or set a shortcut key, the application will ask you for permission to access the local file.
  • Media Library Access: Allows the app to access your media library to retrieve images(jpg,jpeg,png,gif) and videos(mp4) for screensaver selection.The app will request your permission to access the media library for a more personalized screensaver experience.
  • Storage permission: It is used for functions such as user's local data file saving and problem feedback. You need to choose to enable this permission to read files stored on the computer. Obtain your authorization the first time you use it.If you do not provide this information, some of the faults involved in the COLO PLAY Desktop may not be discovered and resolved in time, and the user experience cannot be improved in time, but this will not affect the basic functions of the service.
  • User feedback: Our application provides user feedback entrance, the user can use the feedback function to feedback your problems when you use our application, when using this feature we need to collect the following information: your feedback to our description of the, problem, the problem phenomenon pictures and videos, feedback, log, And the phone number or email address you filled in. This information will be used to let us better understand the problem you are encountering and contact you to help you solve the problem in time. We will use your information in the following way: only when the user actively feedbacks a problem through the portal, the relevant information filled in by the user will be collected.                                                                       

3. Third-party SDK and Services

When users use third-party products that we access or some functions that use third-party services, we need to integrate the software tool development kits of our partners (referred to as "SDK”) or other similar applications can realize the related functions of the device. Third-party SDK and services may have some changes in data types due to version upgrades, policy adjustments, etc., if you encounter related problems during use, please contact us.

We will use your information in the following way: when the user uses the third-party products and functions that are accessed, the relevant information of the user will be collected.

We use APIs to ensure and provide the best integration possible on various platforms. For details, please refer to the following: YouTube Terms of Use Google Security Google Privacy Policy
4. Data Storage and Period
The information collected as mentioned above will be saved locally on your device. COLO PLAY Desktop adopts a stringent privacy approach, and your sensitive data, including personal account details, is securely stored within the confines of your device. This local storage strategy serves as an additional layer of protection, emphasizing our commitment to prioritizing your privacy.
Local Storage and User Assistance: We assure you that COLO PLAY Desktop does not transmit or store your data externally. We will only request access to local logs when you seek assistance, ensuring that any support provided is tailored to your needs and granted with your explicit permission.
Duration of Data Storage: The personal account data processed within COLO PLAY Desktop has the following storage and processing timeline:
① Local data storage within COLO PLAY Desktop: Upon uninstalling the COLO PLAY Desktop application, the local data storage on your device will be promptly deleted, reinforcing your control over the information.
In the event of the cessation of our products or services, we are committed to notifying you promptly through various channels such as email, letter, telephone, push notification, etc. This ensures transparency and enables you to take appropriate actions concerning your data.
5. How to update this Privacy Policy
We may make adjustments or changes to this privacy policy in due course. Any update to this privacy policy will be posted on our website with the update time marked, unless otherwise mandatory by laws, regulations or regulatory provisions, adjustments or changes will be made. The content will take effect 7 days after notification or announcement. If you continue to use any of the services we provide or visit our related websites after the privacy policy is adjusted or changed, we believe that this means that you have fully read, understood and accepted the revised privacy policy and are bound by it.
6. Resolution of Disputes
We will respond to your feedback and opinions in a timely manner, but when there is a dispute over the performance of this agreement, you can file a lawsuit to the People's Court of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, People's Republic of China in our location. At the same time, the legal laws concerning this Agreement are also relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.
7. How to contact us
We want to bring the best experience to users. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the content described in this privacy policy, please contact us via so that we can deal with your special needs. We will be happy to receive your feedback.
Under normal circumstances, we will reply within 30 days.