Saudi Esports World Cup: A Global Celebration for Gaming Enthusiasts

Saudi Esports World Cup: A Global Celebration for Gaming Enthusiasts

This summer, the esports world will turn its attention to Saudi Arabia. The 2024 Saudi Arabia Esports World Cup will be held in Riyadh from July 3 to August 25. This eight-week event will bring together top esports athletes from around the globe, covering a wide range of popular games and creating an unprecedented esports extravaganza.
A Rich Schedule of Events
The Esports World Cup features a comprehensive schedule that includes nearly all mainstream esports titles.
Here are some key events:
Week 1 (July 3 - July 7)
League of Legends
Honor of Kings
Week 2 (July 10 - July 14)
Honor of Kings
Free Fire
Week 3 (July 17 - July 21)
Counter-Strike 2
PUBG Mobile
Week 4 (July 24 - July 28)
Overwatch 2
Honor of Kings
PUBG Mobile
Week 5 (July 31 - August 4):
Rainbow Six Siege
Honor of Kings
Apex Legends
Week 6 (August 7 - August 11)
Street Fighter 6
Teamfight Tactics
Week 7 (August 14 - August 18)
EA Sports FC 24
Starcraft II
Week 8 (August 21 - August 25)
Rocket League
Tekken 8
For the full schedule and more details, visit the Esports World Cup official page.


A Grand Prize Pool
With a total prize pool of $60,000,000, this event boasts one of the largest prize pools in esports history. Prizes will be distributed across club championships, game tournaments, qualifiers, and MVP awards, attracting top esports clubs and players worldwide.


Watch Live
To ensure that esports enthusiasts around the world can watch this grand event live, multiple streaming options are available:
Official Website: Watch all the events live on the Esports World Cup official website.
YouTube and Twitch: Matches will also be streamed on major platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Follow the respective channels for the latest live links and event updates.
Social Media Platforms: Some matches may be streamed on the event’s social media accounts. Make sure to follow these accounts for the latest information.


A Cultural Feast of Esports
The Esports World Cup is not just a competition; it is a cultural exchange feast. Saudi Arabia, through hosting this event, showcases its ambition and strength in the esports arena. As a member of the global esports community, we can also experience the collision and fusion of different cultures by watching the matches.


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