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Cololight Mix panels starter kit Review

The Cololight brand creates very beautiful lighting products, also winning the innovation award at CES. In 2019 with the hexagonal Cololight panels while in 2021 with the Cololight Mix panels. Today we will talk about the latter which has a completely different design from the previous ones. The light emitted is also different, more suffused, and three-dimensional. In both cases, Cololight amazes the quality and reliability of its products. They are smart, therefore compatible with Alexa and Google Home voice assistants. Integrate well and respond well to voice commands. As well as the integrated microphone is also present on the Cololight mix panels.

Cololight Mix - Christmas Decoration


The contents of the starter pack package include three panels, six double-sided adhesives to hang them on the wall without drilling or to be inserted between one panel and the other for greater stability, a complete power supply operating at 24V / 1A, and 4 clips to connect the panels between them. The latter is used to spread current on all panels. Their operation is very simple: having an "arrow" shape, just insert them in the slots from "+" to "-", always following this direction.

gaming light mix
lifesmart cololight mix pluggaming led light

Operating method of Cololight mix panels

To make the set work, there are more alternatives. The main panel, the one that does not show the positive and negative signs, can work alone with a simple 5V power supply (Type-C input), with a 18650 battery, bigger than a traditional AA battery and more durable; or it is possible to insert the power supply in the 24V / 1A package to control up to 11 panels at the same time, connected in series. As a last method, it is necessary to buy separately, a power supply capable of delivering greater current, 24V / 3A to be precise. In this case, it will be possible to manage from 12 to 30 lights linked together! The main Mix panel controls them all through the physical button on the front. They are also managed through the Cololight application for Android and iOS. Furthermore, being equipped with a microphone and Bluetooth, the lights can move according to the music and connected to the app and integrated into Alexa and Google home, through the voice. In fact, we can give the command: " turn on Cololight Mix " and they will turn on. There is no shortage of color change commands and other customized ones.

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The strong point of these Cololight mix panels is definitely the aesthetics. They have an innovative and never-before-seen design . A square structure with the lights in the center in relief. The design is perfectly symmetrical , even with the connections to be made. Beautiful plays of light are created, with all the colored circles spaced apart. They therefore differ from the continuity given by the Cololight hexes. These can be hung on the wall with stickers or, better still, with magnets. Yes, because they have integrated magnets that allow them to remain fixed to metal parts in a solid way. We trivially tested this feature in the refrigerator and the resistance is incredible. Much better than hanging magnets. It will be practically impossible for them to come off if hung using the magnets

design of cololight mix pannel cololight mix gaming light

Technical specifications of Cololight Mix panels

Panel dimensions : 128mm x 128mm x 30.6mm

Weight: 165g (Mix), 150g (extension)

Input voltage : 5V / 24V DC or 18650 battery (mix), 24V DC (extension)

Operating temperature: -5 ~ 45 ° C

Operating humidity: 5 ~ 90%

Material : ABS + PC

Maximum power: 7.5W

Control mode: Button / Music / App Cololight

Hue: 16 million RGB colors

Interesting to know that inside each panel there are 37 independent LEDs that create a beautiful play of light. Many more than the 19 contained in the Cololight hexes. It, therefore, guarantees a uniform and compact color rendering without any graininess.

Technical specification - Cololight Mix Cololight Gaming Room Decoration light

Cololight application

The management of the panels is well done, and there are screens for selectable color effects. In order, we have some dynamic preset multicolor sets, static colors, and scenes created by cololight, downloadable and usable immediately. We find rhythmic effects, moon phases, and even the Olympic rings. Furthermore, it is possible to adjust its intensity from 0 to 100%, and activate the microphone mode (to have movement based on the music, in time). It is compatible with Alexa and Google Home. We have tested the features with the latter and there are no operating problems. It responds well to commands in a responsive manner.

Cololight Mix has own appCololight MiX panels starter kit
cololight MiX and Hex Light Cololight MiX LED Light Panel


This lamp composed of three panels (starter kit), is versatile in operation, with a modern design, which is totally different from all the other LED panels on the market. The embossed color creates a pleasant atmosphere and you can set the mood of the moment by creating your own effects. It allows us to express all our feelings and creativity through the creation of effects and the positioning of the panels. By being extendable up to 11 panels with the power supply in the pack, we can create interesting shapes. By purchasing a 24V / 3A power supply it is possible to add up to 30, filling many spaces. Thanks to the connections from negative to negative it is also possible to place them one on top of the other, creating pyramids of colors. Moreover, having a magnetic and non-slip base, it is possible to install them on the wall or in any case on special metal structures in our possession.

Cololight Mix 3 Cololight Mix create pyramids of colors
structure of clololight Mix Cololight Mix 4

Comparison with Cololight hexagonal panels

They are both interesting, smart lamps that connect to the same application, with perfect management. While the hexagonal panels must necessarily be connected to the power supply, on a base, with a controller, the Cololight Mix panels can also be controlled individually (only the main Mix panel) with a battery. They are also not bound when placed on a piece of furniture, on the base. They can be hung with stickers or magnets. They also have a greater number of LEDs, from 19 to 37, also justified by the size, which is more extensive for the Cololight mix. The hexagonal panels are distinguished by their management: in fact, it is possible to connect up to 255 with a single controller, as long as cables are added every 10 panels, all at 5V (smartphone / pc / multi-socket chargers).

The Cololight mixes instead up to 11 with the supplied charger, then you need a more powerful and expensive one to get to 30. The design is different so it depends a lot on taste, hexagons against a square base, and circular light. Both are winners of innovation awards, in different years. In conclusion, they are both very valid, but the hexagons are for all intents and purposes desktop, while the Mix panels are wall-mounted. Together they are an enviable combo for anyone. A perfect set-up for a PC or TV backlight station. In fact, it is possible to create, at a low light intensity, a truly pleasant contour to the displays, which never tires the eye.

They are actually able to illuminate, as, at maximum intensity, they emit strong light.

Cololight Mix & Hexagon Light 1 Cololight Mix & Hexagon Light 2
Cololight Mix & Hexagon Light 3 Cololight Mix & Hexagon Light 4

For all the detailed information you can visit the official website

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