Transform your COLO PLAY to [Super Saiyan mode]

Transform your COLO PLAY to [Super Saiyan mode]

COLO PLAY (1.10):

  • Added Super Saiyan Mode (Settings - Transform into Super Saiyan Mode)
  • Compatibility with Mac version (Matching system displays for Win key or Cmd key);
  • Optimized Cololight control;
  • Support for 12/24-hour time formats;
  • Added refresh function to time settings;
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi display and connectivity;
  • Fixed issue with inability to exit version upgrade detection;
  • Homepage optimization and button support for application and web shortcuts;
  • Resolved timezone-related issues;

Super Saiya mode:

COLO PLAY -Super Saiya modeCOLO PLAY - Super Saiya mode


Super Saiya mode is a new mode that integrates Wallpaper, Keypad, and PC Switch. Through new interactive logic, it reduces page switching and concentrates more operations on one page to provide users with maximum personalized experience.
It should be noted that Super Saiyan mode is only available for COLO PLAY 1.9 and above. Just click on Super Saiyan Mode in Settings, select Convert, and click back in the top left corner to enter Super Saiyan Mode.
In Super Saiya mode, whenever you want to turn on your computer, you no longer need to make a tedious application switch. Just long press the knob on the theme page to achieve the PC Switch function. In addition, there are three built-in themes that can be switched, including the Clock theme, Dashboard theme and Inspiration theme. Just press and hold the top left button on the theme page to switch.

Different from the Keypad, the shortcut keys configured in Super Saiya mode also have system setting functions, such as one click to enter sleep mode, one click to open the system Settings. In addition, the interaction of app switching is also simplified.Short press the knob to switch and select applications. Long press the top left button to return to the Super Saiya home page.


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I just bought this coloplay and I absolutely love it! I do have a few ideas/requests that I hope could be implemented in the future. Can we get a toggle so that the pc switch can be a push or long press., have the ability to customize color profiles to match out setups for example color wave and have it cycle thru blue, pink, and cyan. Ability to change the colors of themes would be cool as well. Love this product and I’m looking forward to see future updates to this great device!

Nicolas Chang

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