COLO PLAY partnered with RAZER SYNAPSE to enhance the atmosphere of the game

COLO PLAY partnered with RAZER SYNAPSE to enhance the atmosphere of the game

COLOLIGHT is proud to announce its partnership with industry-leading configuration software Razer Synapse to enhance the COLO PLAY esports experience.Integration with Razer Synapse allows players to precisely control and synchronize COLO PLAY's dynamic color lighting effects with other Razer peripherals. Now, users can immerse themselves in a symphony of colors that echo the game environment, enhancing beauty and playability.
Key highlights of the integration include:
Dynamic Lighting Control: Use Razer Synapse to adjust and synchronize COLO PLAY's bright color lighting effects with other Razer devices to enhance the game atmosphere.
Personalized experience: Customize lighting effects according to personal preferences and game aesthetics, allowing users to express their creativity and style.
Seamless integration: Easily manage and customize COLO PLAY's lighting effects and other Razer peripherals through Razer Synapse's intuitive interface.
COLO PLAY integration with Razer Synapse is now available to players worldwide.


How to integrate your COLO PLAY with Razer Synapse
Note: Make sure your COLO PLAY version is 1.16 or above, and your PC desktop version is 1.0.13 or above. Your computer and your COLO PLAY must be in the same network environment.
  1. Open your COLO PLAY PC Desktop, you can control your COLO PLAY's Keylamp in setting mode. There is Razer chroma button on the right side, keep it on.


     2. Open your Razer Synapse, make sure your client is up to date because COLO PLAY is a new thing for Razer Synapse

  1. Select the CONNECT module, open CHROMA CONNECT, and open the COLO PLAY Desktop.


  1. You can control all your devices in CHROMA STUDIO.



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