Cololight Plus Master Kit - Cololight
Cololight Plus Master Kit - Cololight
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Cololight Plus Master Kit

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The Master Kit is fully customizable with 7 Cololight Plus lights + 16 Cololight Plus extension lights.

Customer Reviews

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Bill M.
A Super Cool Decorative Hexagon Light Kit

I ordered this Cololight hexagon light kit setup in the 7-piece PLUS version. After setting it up, we were really surprised by how cool it is. We really like this thing. Its incredibly cool.The kit I ordered comes with a stand so you can set it on a table or your desk, but you can also mount it on your wall. Which, to me, is the most impressive way to display this light. Especially if you go the extra mile and mount the light in a location where you can hide the power cord. I mounted my light where I could run the power cord through the wall and plug it in on the other side.Once you get the light put together to your liking, you then need to connect the light to the Cololight app. And, to my surprise, the app is really good. Its not a substandard, barely functional app. The app is well thought out with comprehensive functionality and many preprogrammed shows, and it works flawlessly.I only have ONE complaint about this light. And thats the cost. As Im sure youve noticed, the kits are quite pricey, and the add-on light modules are pricey too. However, with that said, if youre okay with the price(s), you are sure to really like this light.If you have any questions about this hexagon light kit, please feel free to ask, and I'll try my best to answer. I hope you found this review helpful.

mac girl*
Easy set up with Home

These set up very easily with Apple Home on my iPhone.They are only supported on 2.4 GHzCompatible with AMAZON ALEXA and Google AssistantThere is a small switch on the front of the base you can also use to turn on, but you will still need a Wi-Fi device to change colors.The sides are finished and each hex snaps together with a lego-type bracket on the back.I do hope that future versions upgrade to a magnetic snap-together frame (which would be more fun and versatile)Made in China.Makes a cool gift for the techie or gamer who has everything.

Rosie and Family
Awesome little lights!

 Pros:- Combinations!- Design your own light- Bright colors- USB powered- Control from app- Comes with standCons:- Does not come with charger cube- Needs more connection attachmentsSummary: Please see photos for size and brightness. The lights are well made and I was impressed that it came with nice stand and most of the attachments. You do get the USB cable to connect but no charger cube. My daughters night lamp has USB ports so that was fine, but just wanted to mention this.Setup on the app was straightforward and easy. The only part I had a hard time completing was the setup of the actual lights. W/o reading the manual I put it together using the little connectors. I made a random design and plugged it in. Only 3 out of 7 lights turned on. I thought the hexagon lights were bad but then I changed them with another and they worked. I assumed all the little connections in the back were available but only some work. I made the basic flower design and all worked.Overall, nice lights, just not that custom if you wanted to make a design. No remote either, but the app works.

John Elliott
Colorful and fun Wall & Desk Decor!!

 So Im a bit of an eccentric when it comes to office decor. I like to have a very polarizing setup. I had seen these tiles that you can hang or put on your desk for awhile now and figured Id give them a shot. I started out with the 7 tile set and assembled it in various desgins on my desk. I than enjoyed it so much I went all in and got 22 more of the tiles and the wall hanging brackets. They truly look amazing and grab peoples attention. You can use the pre-included programs or make your own which is really where this setup shines. The included designs dont even come close to showing the power and versatility of this setup. However like anything else there are some pros/consPros:-Bright and adjustable-Easy to arrange and design-program is easy to use-Homekit compatible and voice compatibleCons:-There is a limit of 12 tiles out, so you can only stretch these across 12 connectors-Not easy to wall mount.-Cost, very expensiveReally these tiles deserve 4.5 out of 5, however thats not an option. The reason for the half star off is the pain it was to hang them. I assembled the back brackets first on my desk and than hung them on the wall. However getting them to stay together while I did this wasnt easy. Once the brackets were hung you than hang the actual tiles themselves in which they snap into place. Mounting them while keeping them from falling and becoming disconnected is another troubling task. Be prepared for lots of choice words when one falls to the ground. The other caveat, is that you can only jump across 12 connectors which means this can only stretch 12 tiles out, it can add unlimited tiles connected within, but only 12 spaces out from the base.All in all I am very happy and this is a great and fun setup that grabs everyone's attention that comes by.

I love Stuff
Good product

LED brightness, uniformity, motion, and color are all superb here. The hexagons are durable and well-built. I like the connectors and how they are used to direct the way the light moves through the hexagons. Everything works well except for the stand. I want to mention you do not need the stand as it stands up on its own by the controller base. Back to the stand. The stand is cheap clear plastic. The hard brittle type. It scratched easily and inevitably. It is such a large piece of clear plastic, you can't avoid it getting ugly eventually. They should have made the base smaller if clear or a solid white or black color if keeping the same dimensions. I suggest not using the base if you have an environment you can do so. I did not take off a star for the base alone though especially since I don't need to use it. The reason for the deduction is below.The app control or initial pairing is horrible. It takes a long time and it always fails. May just be my unit, but my unit has issues. Not a huge deal since you have a button on the front that gives you 2 color flow settings and a sound response setting. The light is usable without the smart functionality and I am happy with the options.good product that can use a better stand and better connectivity.