Powerful chips and detailed design support complex circular lighting effects in a smooth & exquisite way

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Connect by sides and angles! Build it your way, not the other way

The Unique Cololight RGB lights!

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Multicolored LED Wall Lights

Each hexagonal panel is made up of 19 LEDs, with each one able to be set to one of 16 million colors and 71 dynamic effects, including adjustable brightness levels and changeover speed that can be set using the Cololight smartphone.

Mark Sparrow (Forbes)

Best Smart Lamp - Cololight Plus

This imaginative, relatively affordable, modular lamp is hypnotic. If you rent or just don’t want to risk peeling paint off the wall with most ambient smart lights, this is a neat way to get a taste of this world without adhesives (though you can mount it).

Simon Hill (WIRED)

The performance of the Cololight Hexagon Light panels is more than satisfactory. They look mesmerizing and the colors are beautiful. You’ll especially enjoy the paper-like appearance of the light panels. The single button situated on the power base makes it easy to switch through the light presets without using voice assistants or the app.

Namerah Saud Fatmi(XDA)

This light is unique in that you can customize not just the color, but the shape. With 12 interlinking sections, you can piece them together in any configuration you like. Wall mounting is straightforward and simple, and the included desk stand is also well designed.

Tech Guru

The Cololight is a fantastic desk lamp that offers you the chance to show some personality and creativity. Its flexibility in colors, brightness, theming, and physical light arrangement helps it to be a source of light and art on your desk.


Represent your personality with Cololight

Cololight is a range of uniquely shaped and styled lighting panels and strips that can help you produce dynamic ambient lights in your gaming stations and rooms, bedroom, or other rooms. They're so impressive that they've won awards in multiple years at CES, and are super easy to control using Cololight's great companion app.

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