Cololight RGB Hexagon Light Pro Kit 9PCS

Hexagon Pro 9pcs:

The Cololight Pro Player Kit has 9 RGB light panels that bring your gaming room and your home decoration to the next level. Cololight Pro Series turns any dreary space into something extraordinary with a wide variety of highly customizable lighting solutions and a textured stone base

Connected Platform:
Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Razer Chroma, and Cololight APP
  • 16 Million RGB Colors. Flawless color effects.
  • Transform music into dynamic symphonies of color and light.
  • Maximum light effect customization with individual bead control.
  • Group Control with Cololight Products.
  • Intelligent control & Vioce control
      Gross Weight: 1.59KG
      Package Size: 23.4*20.0*8.6CM
        Notice: Cololight Pro Kit can't work with Homekit

        AS FEATURED IN...

        Explore Cololight Hexagon

        Flawless Color Effects

        The dual core processor gives a 3x boost in performance Powerful chips and detailed design support complex lighting effects in a smooth & exquisite way


        Cololight Light Module Has As Many As 19 Independent Light Beads Each Light Bead Is Customizable And Controlled By A Standalone Chip For Maximum Lighting Effect Optioins.

        Use Group Control Via Cololight App To Present Fabulous Color Rendering And Lighting Effects.


        Each Of Module Has 16Million Color Options And Is Fully Color And Lighting Effect Customizable.

        Enjoy The Uniform, Flawless And Pleasing Color Rendering And Lighting Effects Broought By Cololight'S Innovative Abs+Pc Technology.



        Cololight Dances To Your Music With The Built In Acoustic Pick-Up.

        Dynamic Lighting Brings Great Ambience And You Can Always Match The Music & Lighting To Your Mood.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 16 reviews
        Jorge Torres
        Havent received the product


        Perfect touch on the wall for Led lights.

        It was exactly what I expected.

        Love your reviews!


        Used this to set a background for my YouTube videos. Wife stole it to put into her esthetics/massage studio…

        A bit smaller than I expected (even though I knew measurements in advance). There are cheaper models out there that are significantly larger, but they don’t seem to have even illumination and are flimsy. The Cololight is smaller, but well built. With brighter, more even illumination (looks more like a solid wall of color than just a bunch of spaced out LEDs).

        If you’re looking for a great accent piece, or something to have on your desk or in the background during YouTube recording sessions, Cololight is a good choice. If you’re looking for illuminated color coverage over a large area, and people won’t get too close to it, you might be better off with one of the cheap/large lights that are very similar to the Cololight in shape and design. Just note that most of those larger lights (I have several) have very poor build quality and the LED illumination is not even.


        We will do better!

        Evan Jacobs
        Cool light with a caveat

        This is a fun wall light that provides the ability (via a phone app) to control/program a lot of different lighting effects. The assembly documentation was not great and the assembly/mounting was not really intuitive. The biggest surprise to me is that you basically need to make a decision about the configuration of the lights during the first assembly and then you're sort of stuck with that choice. The app needs to know which order the lights are set up in to properly control the colors.
        I was imagining something more flexible but it's really not. It IS customizable, though, so just know that going in.
        Once it's installed, it works well and looks cool.

        Thanks for yours sharing!

        It's pretty cool

        So what I really enjoy about this light is having a bunch of them and having the stand and the sound control that goes to music is pretty cool I do have it hooked up to my Amazon Alexa Dot and it works pretty good.

        Hi there,thanks for yours support!