Cololight RGB Hexagon Light Plus Kit 23PCS | Spiderman Shape

Hexagon Plus Kit 23pcs
The Cololight Plus Starter Kit has 23 RGB light panels and is bound to give your entire setup that defining edge. Flexible patchwork with regular shapes to define a lifestyle that is not bound by rules.
Connected Platform:
Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Razer Chroma, Homekit and Cololight APP
  • 16 Million RGB Colors. Flawless color effects.

  • Transform music into dynamic symphonies of color and light.

  • Maximum light effect customization with individual bead control.

  • Group Control with Cololight Products.

  • Intelligent control & Vioce control


We recommend that a controller connect less than 10 lights to prevent an insufficient power supply to cause the light block to work abnormally. When the number of lights exceeds 9, auxiliary patch cords are required. One pro/plus controller can control a maximum of 128 levels of light blocks with a sufficient power supply.
Quick buy the auxiliary cable:
Gross Weight: 2.71KG

Your Voice is a Controller

Enjoy hands-free control? We've got your back! Use Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant to power your lights on/off, and change dozens of light effects with simple voice commands!

DIY Light Effects with Cololight App

Using the Cololifght app, you can set the color and behavior of each individual light module based on hundreds of preset themes or create your own.

Cololight plus hex light - valentine's day light effects

Dance the light to the Music

Let Cololight transform your love songs into the festival light show with various light effects. The built-in acoustic pick-up allows lights to sync with the beat.


Create Your Own Pattern

Use Cololight advanced connect technology to create your special layouts with modular panels.

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
William Nevius
Cool Lights

These are cool little lights. They are a fun addition to a room to give you decor or ambient light options. I do feel like they are missing some of the things that could make them really amazing and cool.

Thanks! So happy to hear that you love it!

Great lamp

Perfect Fit perfect in every ambient

Thanks! We'll keep it up!



Thanks! So happy to hear that you love it!

Amadeus B. Klein
Refuses to stay connected within the frustrating I just gave up

Cool light with a caveat.This is a fun wall light that provides the ability (via a phone app) to control/program a lot of different lighting effects. The assembly documentation was not great and the assembly/mounting was not really intuitive. The biggest surprise to me is that you basically need to make a decision about the configuration of the lights during the first assembly and then you're sort of stuck with that choice. The app needs to know which order the lights are set up in to properly control the colors.
I was imagining something more flexible but it's really not. It IS customizable, though, so just know that going in.
Once it's installed, it works well and looks cool.

Thanks! We'll keep it up!

Not really a "light"

It's pretty cool. So what I really enjoy about this light is having a bunch of them and having the stand and the sound control that goes to music is pretty cool I do have it hooked up to my Amazon Alexa Dot and it works pretty good.

Thanks for your support!