Cololight Plus Hexagon Light - 7 Pcs (Homekit)

Get ready to transform your gaming space into a dynamic symphony of color and light with the Hexagon Plastic Base HomeKit (Cololight Plus)! Connect and control your Cololight with Apple Homekit. With 16 million RGB colors, you can create flawless color effects that will take your home decor to the next level. Plus, with individual bead control, you can customize the maximum light effect to your liking.

Connected Platform:
Works with Cololight APP, Alexa, Google Assistant, Razer Chroma and Apple Homekit

  • 16 Million RGB Colors. Flawless color effects.

  • Transform music into dynamic symphonies of color and light.

  • Maximum light effect customization with individual bead control.

  • Group Control with Cololight Products.

  • Intelligent control & Vioce control


    Explore Cololight Hexagon

    Flawless Color Effects

    The dual core processor gives a 3x boost in performance Powerful chips and detailed design support complex lighting effects in a smooth & exquisite way


    Cololight Light Module Has As Many As 19 Independent Light Beads Each Light Bead Is Customizable And Controlled By A Standalone Chip For Maximum Lighting Effect Optioins.

    Use Group Control Via Cololight App To Present Fabulous Color Rendering And Lighting Effects.


    Each Of Module Has 16Million Color Options And Is Fully Color And Lighting Effect Customizable.

    Enjoy The Uniform, Flawless And Pleasing Color Rendering And Lighting Effects Broought By Cololight'S Innovative Abs+Pc Technology.



    Cololight Dances To Your Music With The Built In Acoustic Pick-Up.

    Dynamic Lighting Brings Great Ambience And You Can Always Match The Music & Lighting To Your Mood.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Euca Cates Baluan
    Very Beautiful Cololight

    I loveee it so much. It's so nice and beautiful. Thankyou the seller and the delivery service.

    Lydia Stephanie

    This is from someone who's owned Nanoleaf's hexagon panels for 1 year. I bought this product to discover more patterns. Compared to Nanoleaf, Cololight is lighter in weight, smaller in shape and suitable for more scenes. You can put it on the wall, on the desktop, wherever you like. Whether it's home decor or gaming settings, Cololight is a better choice.

    loves these

    She put 5 sets together to make a design to hang on her wall. She's happy and loves that they change color by touch or remote.

    You are amazing!

    Leeanna Chetsko
    7-pack Tabletop Kit, Plus

    There are a bunch of different Cololights available, so Ill specify that I have the Cololight 7-pack Tabletop Kit, Plus. This includes 7 hexagon lights, one Controller Unit Plus, and a square base.I really enjoy changing the shape of my Cololight. The hexagons can be connected to each other in a variety of ways, and changing the shape is one of my favorite things to do when Im procrastinating. Its almost like playing with blocks, but cooler because they light up.I do have a minor quibble regarding the base. The power/controller unit fits through the center of the plastic base, but both are lightweight. If I make a design that is too unbalanced, the unit tips over. The USB cable connected to the controller unit is only 42 inches long, which might be too short for some setups. It barely reaches underneath my desk. No wall adapter is included.The Cololight CAN be used without the app. There are 3 light modes accessed via the power button: rainbow, sunrise, and mermaid. I dont really like fussing with an app, so most of the time I use the rainbow mode and thats good enough for me. I dont keep my phone on my houses wireless, so I have to switch to wifi to connect to the Cololight. The Cololight is not compatible with 5GHz WiFi.Connecting the Cololight to my wireless was a little janky, and the app could be better. The Android version requires an account to really dig into the tons of customization options available. The app is necessary to set a static color, or use the other preset modes. You can also make your own custom modes, including picking the configuration of the Cololight, to pick how the lighting flows up or down the shape.I honestly wasnt sure if I would use the Cololight very much, but I do turn it on almost every night while I work. It just looks cool! Even in the daytime, its bright enough to use in the sunlight.I just wish there were a few more built-in modes, or that the app was better. I dont like that the app requires an account on Android to try out all the customization options. Making my own presets required a lot of trial and error, because I didnt understand how to do things since the buttons werent all clearly labeled.

    Thanks! So happy to hear that !

    Easy set up with Home

    These set up very easily with Apple Home on my iPhone.
    They are only supported on 2.4 GHz
    Compatible with AMAZON ALEXA and Google Assistant
    There is a small switch on the front of the base you can also use to turn on, but you will still need a Wi-Fi device to change colors.
    The sides are finished and each hex snaps together with a lego-type bracket on the back.

    I do hope that future versions upgrade to a magnetic snap-together frame (which would be more fun and versatile)

    Made in China.
    Makes a cool gift for the techie or gamer who has everything.

    Thanks! So happy to hear that you love it!