Cololight RGB Hexagon Light Pro Kit 23PCS | Spiderman Shape

Hexagon Pro 23pcs:

The Cololight Pro Player Kit has 23 RGB light panels that not only bring your gaming room but also make your home decoration to the next level. Cololight Pro Series turns any dreary space into something extraordinary with a wide variety of highly customizable lighting solutions and textured stone base

Connected Platform:
Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Razer Chroma, and Cololight APP

Notice: Cololight Pro Kit can't work with Homekit


  • 16 Million RGB Colors. Flawless color effects.

  • Transform music into dynamic symphonies of color and light.

  • Maximum light effect customization with individual bead control.

  • Group Control with Cololight Products.

  • Intelligent control & Vioce control

We recommend that a controller connect less than 10 lights to prevent an insufficient power supply to cause the light block to work abnormally. When the number of lights exceeds 9, auxiliary patch cords are required. One pro/plus controller can control a maximum of 128 levels of light blocks with a sufficient power supply.
Quick buy the auxiliary cable:

Gross Weight: 2.7KG


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Flawless Color Effects

The dual core processor gives a 3x boost in performance Powerful chips and detailed design support complex lighting effects in a smooth & exquisite way


Cololight Light Module Has As Many As 19 Independent Light Beads Each Light Bead Is Customizable And Controlled By A Standalone Chip For Maximum Lighting Effect Optioins.

Use Group Control Via Cololight App To Present Fabulous Color Rendering And Lighting Effects.


Each Of Module Has 16Million Color Options And Is Fully Color And Lighting Effect Customizable.

Enjoy The Uniform, Flawless And Pleasing Color Rendering And Lighting Effects Broought By Cololight'S Innovative Abs+Pc Technology.



Cololight Dances To Your Music With The Built In Acoustic Pick-Up.

Dynamic Lighting Brings Great Ambience And You Can Always Match The Music & Lighting To Your Mood.

Customer Reviews

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Megan P.


NOWHERE ON THIS PRODUCT PAGE IS IT WRITTEN THAT YOU REWQUIRE AN AUXILARY POWER SUPPLY FOR 10 LIGHTS OR MORE, THIS IS A 23 LIGHT KIT, NO AUXILLARY POWER CORD IS SUPPLIED. Cololight products are expensive enough as it is, and now they sneak extra fees in as well?!?!

So, I ordered 2 strip starter kits. They arrived, and right away, it took over 2 hours to get the strips to connect properly to the Cololight app (which only works via mobile, as there is no PC option.) Finally after giving up, I walked away only to return at the end of the day to find out the light strips had randomly connected themselves to my app at some point. Then, I had to get them to work with Razer Synapse (as the rest of my RGB setup is Razer products). That was ALSO another HUGE hassle as Cololights simply don't respond the way they are supposed to according to the instructions manuals. I wrote to customer service to find out what I was doing wrong. It took them over 48 hours to simply respond with a copy paste of the instruction manual which I had been following in the first place and even took the time to tell them that I had done so. After looking around on youtube, I finally managed to get the strips and hexagon lights working with Synapse. (through no help of customer service)
Later, i realized, the strips weren't quite long enough for my needs, and so purchased 2 strip extensions. When they arrived, I excitedly hooked them up to the starter kits, and to my surprise, the extensions did not light up. Strange because when you hook up the extension strip to the power supply directly, they work. Again, wrote to customer service today, with no reply (once again). I read through the FAQs only to find out that the extension kit requires an auxiliary power cord at the opposite end in order to function. NO WHERE on the extension strip page is it written that you require one of these auxiliary power supplies in order for the extension to work NOR that you have to purchase the product separately! So now I find myself paying shipping fees to Canada (which are pricy) for the THIRD time due to Cololight's garbage website and lack of information.
A starter kit costs 60$USD, an extension 40$USD plus power supply 15$USD. So there is only a 5$ discount for an extension kit?! You might as well just get the starter kit again as the power supply has a longer cord.
All around, a terrible experience with Cololight, and now don't have a choice but to give them more money as the power auxiliary cord is not sold elsewhere. If you are hesitating between Cololight and another RGB brand, do yourself a favor, and go with the other brand.

The American Patriot

QualityIt is a very nice addition to your room
The only problem I have with it is its connection being disconnected every few times when I changes the color on the app and I will have to reconnect the light with the light all over again

Love your reviews!


One of the coolest light systems I have ever seen!

Thanks for your support!


Fine on its own

Thanks for your support!


A Super Cool Decorative Hexagon Light KitI ordered this Cololight hexagon light kit setup in the 7-piece PLUS version. After setting it up, we were really surprised by how cool it is. We really like this thing. Its incredibly cool.
The kit I ordered comes with a stand so you can set it on a table or your desk, but you can also mount it on your wall. Which, to me, is the most impressive way to display this light. Especially if you go the extra mile and mount the light in a location where you can hide the power cord. I mounted my light where I could run the power cord through the wall and plug it in on the other side.
Once you get the light put together to your liking, you then need to connect the light to the Cololight app. And, to my surprise, the app is really good. Its not a substandard, barely functional app. The app is well thought out with comprehensive functionality and many preprogrammed shows, and it works flawlessly.
I only have ONE complaint about this light. And thats the cost. As Im sure youve noticed, the kits are quite pricey, and the add-on light modules are pricey too. However, with that said, if youre okay with the price(s), you are sure to really like this light.
If you have any questions about this hexagon light kit, please feel free to ask, and I'll try my best to answer. I hope you found this review helpful.

Thanks for your support!